Little costs add up. Avoid them and you can redirect those funds toward tuition payments.

For example, a few years ago during a conversation someone mentioned they had a down blanket and thus kept their heat a bit lower in the winter.

Inspired, we researched, explored and then purchased three down blankets. This has a notable upfront costs. Synthetic down is lower cost and, importantly for kids, won’t make your nose itchy or cause an asthma attack.

This fluffy stuff – available in blankets and jackets is a magical no-power-required space heater that follows you around.

We lowered our heat from 72 degrees at night to 62 degrees with no loss in comfort. Saving 3% on our bill for every degree we lower our heat means we dropped our bill by about thirty percent. And this applies for every month of the winter. Every year. On a $200 heating bill (it’s cold where we live) that is $60 bucks each month that can be sent to the school to pay for tuition. Just with a few blankets. Passive power.

That might not seem like a lot. Learn to respect small amounts of money. When we were first scrambling to find ways to cut expenses we did research to cover the cost of private school we made a list and started going through the items one at a time for months. $60 a month isn’t a lot of money. But twenty $60 items is $1200 a month. You can do this.



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