Paying for private school in the DMV area

Tips and tricks for sending your child to private school for Washingtonians

The simple life

One advantage of sending your child to private school is that much of your income goes along with them. As a result it limits the other available choices because you have much less discretionary income.

Fretting over a grand tour of Europe? Fret no more! You aren’t going!

This extreme financial constraints limit your choices and the resulting simplification actually leads to longer term happiness. It is known as the paradox of choice.

Have you always wanted to simplify your life? Now you can! And what better way than the assurance of a monthly tuition bill.  To be clear this isn’t about poverty – this is about voluntary simplicity. It is an interesting side effect we have noticed over years of sending the kiddo to a private school.

Read more about it in this outstanding book The Paradox of Choice (you are going to have a lot of time on your hands).

Oh, and for the trip? Easy, you are either staying home or going camping. Pick one.


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  1. I now know a term to label this situation “paradox of choice.” Preparing our children for the future has many of these paradoxes. I like how you suggested that you do not need to do the grand tour of Europe (or even go to Disney each year).

    Being together as a family is what is most important and trying to do something special instead of the ordinary. It’s awesome going on lavish vacations, but, some experiences like education are more rewarding than a 10-day jaunt.

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