Ok, here is a test for you. A simulation of sorts.

The room is really cold. Even with the central heat on, the room is just bone chilling cold.  Too cold.

What should you do to warm up?


A few years ago I would have turned up the heat. More recently I would have grabbed a space heater and turned that on while congratulating myself on my clever money saving efficiency of only heating the area I was using. Go me!

I have since learned of a different paying for private school power tool: passive money generators. Today, instead of using something active (like a heater)  I first try to use something passive, like a down blanket. Or another later of clothing.

This simple technique has hundreds of applications, some of which we will cover on this site. The general principal is what I want you to take away. A blanket has no moving parts and no ongoing costs to use. It cost the same in the closet as on your lap. A heater has an instant meter of costs – not to mention the environmental costs. Change your mind set and you will find these little adjustments add up quickly and provide passive instant savings to help you pay for private school.

To get your mind right simply consider what your grandmother or great grandmother would have done in a similar situation. Would she have cranked up the heat on a winter day or would she have


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opened the blinds to benefit from solar gain? Would left overs have been put in the garbage or would soup  have been a meal the following day?

Ask yourself what would grandma do to super charge your cash flows, build your own resilience and reduce your impact on the environment and help pay the tuition. You child isn’t the only one getting an  education.



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