After tossing our third $80 cordless battery powered dust buster I wondered if there is more efficient and less costly technology alternative.

There is and it demonstrates the value of yesterdays advanced technology.  Back in the ancient days of house cleaning there was a device called a corded hand held dust buster. In their decades of competition they perfected reliable low cost cleaning power.

Now a days this perfected technology is used for largely for special cases. One such example is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. At $40 dollars and with a 16 foot cord this thing is similar to the gas station pay-for-clean systems in terms of power. When it shuts down it has the satisfying sound of a jet engine winding down.

Destroyer of tiny dust worlds

Sure “Pet Eraser” is an ominous name (or is it a warning?) but this thing blasts through dirt.

pet hair eraser

Pet Erasing Device

Last years pine needles? Goes right in. Pasta on the floor? Goes right in. The manual that came with the device? Goes right in.   Slow moving pets? Goes rights in.


Go corded

Our fancy lithium  battery dust buster fail every 18 months or so. That means we go through 5 of these $80 dollar suckers every decade for $400 total. That is ten times the cost of the jet powered pet eraser. Wait, how can I reach those touch to reach spots or my car you ask?  No problem. Another perfect yesteryear technology is called an extension cord. Grab one of those and enjoy the exercise of walking back and forth to set it up. And then blast those dust mites!

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