One of the unsung benefits of frugality is that you end up doing a broad range of things in addition to your work speciality. This has the added benefit of adding novelty to my week which I really enjoy.

For example, just this past week I changed the oil in the car, mowed the lawn, planted grass seed, baked a casserole and perform a variety of similar tasks.

Each of this were challenging, unique and the results were satisfying. It is easy to imagine that anyone of these tasks repeated 8 hours a day would become boring and then feel like a job. Instead they are interesting, productive and tax free ways to save money.

Tips for making the most of novelty

For me there are a couple of things that really making saving money fun:

  • I don’t take on too much. I leave the high pressure stuff for the workplace and try out money saving tasks that you enjoy. Your financial security and contentment will both increase.
  • I purchase (or borrow) great tools. It’s no fun to mow the lawn with a beat up device and usually a good tool pays for itself in weeks.
  • I calculate your hourly rate for those DYI tasks. For me it is usually more per hour than I make at work.
  • I take your time and do the job you are proud of your small task. This is, after all, my leisure time.
  • I understand the huge health benefits of perceived control.  There is no better way to control how your bed is made than to do it yourself. Go fo it – even at hotels!


Have some doubts? Trust the fine folks at Harvard who report that works make you happy.  Don’t let someone take away your happiness and your money just to windex your windows. Do it your self and grow your contentment and your bank account. Better yet try it out and see for yourself!

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